The spinning mill Jesús Rubio produces carded yarn according to the needs of each client and market. 

Our thickness range is from Nm 5 to Nm 21, and the yarn can be single or double. We study the colors and composition, and we can imitate a yarn from a sample of yarn or fabric. We offer yarns for the production of woven or knitted fabrics. 


Customization, flexibility and quickness

We work with the client in the development of new yarns with new compositions for different industries. 

We adapt to the needs of each client, at a technical and service level.

We offer flexibility in quantities.


Uses of the yarn

Our yarns are aimed to:

· Fashion and accessories industry (linings, clothes, berets…)

· Home textiles and upholstery (billiard clothes, carpets, automotive upholstery, decoration…)

· Technical textiles (flame retardant, protective clothing…)