At Hilaturas Jesús Rubio we work with diverse natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, but our protagonist is the wool.

We offer yarns made from 100% wool or blends of wool with other fibres, as acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, silk, cotton, mohair or cashmere, among others. We work mainly with Merino wool, which is one of the smoothest wools.

We adapt the composition of the yarn to the requirements of the client, and we can also study and advice about what would be the appropriate composition for a yarn according to the use that the yarn will have.

We offer raw and dyed yarns, and we can study the color the client wants and imitate the color from a sample, both for plain and mélange colors.


We also offer recycled yarns.

The company is committed to the environment so we also offer yarns made from recycled fiber. The recycled yarns help to reduce the pollution related to textile production at the same time as allows us to offer to our clients a more economic and ecologic alternative.


And yarns for technical use.

Wool fibre has very interesting characteristics, for instance, its fireproof properties, it is temperature isolator, breathable and antibacterial. Its properties are still being researched and there are being found new applications continuously. The use of wool in technical textiles is being promoted to take advantage of its properties, for example, for sportive and protective clothing, or for industrial uses.

We are also working in the development of technical yarns for diverse industries with fibres like preox or para-aramide.