Manufacturing and commercialization of carded yarn. Hilaturas Jesús Rubio uses different natural and synthetic fibers in the carded process.

We use natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, and their blends. Our yarns are made from: 100% wool, wool blended with other type of fibers as acrylic, polyamide, polyester, viscose, silk, cotton, mohair, cashmere or others.

The company is committed to the environment, so we also use recycled wool and other raw materials, when requested by the client, achieving a reduction in yarn costs.

The range of metric count title we work with preferably starts in metric number 5 up to metric number 21. It can be supplied in single yarn as well as plied yarns.

Uses of the yarn

The end use of our yarns is for:
Fashion fabrics for the apparel industry, knitwear garments, rugs for billiards, of wool berets, of upholstery, technical fabrics, among others.


Customization, flexibility and quickness

Commitment with the clients looking for their satisfaction with our yarn.

Adaptation to the clients’ needs, at a technical and service level.

Flexibility in quantities.

Quick delivery.

Productive facilities suitable for the quality of the carded yarn, and a human team highly qualified and fully commited.