Hilaturas Jesús Rubio has 3.500m2 facilities where all the yarn process is developed, from the preparation of the raw material, the carded process, and the spinning process, until the quality process and delivery.

The process starts with the opening of the raw material and it is blended with the sizing, then it rests and it is humidified in the soacking pit for necessary time to improve the carded process.

The raw material goes through a process of carding in the scribler, second breaker and carding machine. We have automatic carding machines GARDEÑAS and MASIAS.

hilaturas-jesus-rubio-manufactura-hilado-carda-espana-gardena-001 hilaturas-jesus-rubio-manufactura-hilado-carda-espana-001

The following phase is stretching and twisting the fibers. For this process we have CONTINUAS GAUDINO and SELFACTINAS MACK. Finally, the yarn goes through the semiautomatic autoconner SCHLAFORST and TERMOSPLICER, where the possible imperfections are corrected ensuring the maximum quality of the product.

Manufacturing and commercialization of carded yarn

Hilaturas Jesús Rubio always takes care of the raw material from the beginning until the delivery of the product.